For years, Moms and bridesmaids have struggled to button the dress on the big day.

Button the Bride has created the first and only tool to button a Bride’s dress quickly, easily and its a keepsake. If a Brides’s dress has buttons, it’s a MUST!!

Creator Susie Gray Uphues has been a professional makeup artist based in Dallas, Texas for 25 years. Early on she was hand chosen by Bobbi Brown to travel on her elite “Beauty Team” and did so on and off for 13 years. Now, an independent consultant, Susie has been represented by The Campbell Agency for photo shoots and videos since 2007.

“I’ve helped many a bride get dressed and buttoned hundreds of dresses over the years, which is a difficult task. Due to hand surgery in October 2013, I could not help my bride button her dress. As I watched her Mom struggle with a crochet hook on countless buttons, I realized how difficult this was for everyone and there was nothing out there to make it easy.”

That’s why she created this wonderful tool.

Now buttoning your bride’s dress is much easier. This beautiful tool can also be engraved with a message of your choosing. Just enter the text you want in the order form below with the “engrave it” option selected.

Shipping time can be up to four weeks, so don’t delay!

Best wishes for your big day.

Much love, Susie Uphues

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